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Eco Funnels

Our Customers say...

" ECO Funnel® has helped us meet environmental regulation requirements [and] at the same time provides added protection and spill prevention for our handling operations."
-- Don Pearson
Roche Diagnostics

"Thanks for the excellent customer service I received from you and your company. It is so very nice to work with a company who stands behind their products as CP Lab Safety does. Thank you for being first class. I will definitely keep recommending your products."

-- Tim Wisner
Sr. Safety Officer
UNC Health Care

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Weekly Specials in Lab Supplies & Lab Safety Equipment:

glass by the pallet
Glass by the Pallet

NEW EF-4-38-400-SYS with Lightweight Jug

This new safety Ecological Funnel system includes our 4" ECO Funnel, 1/2 gal HDPE round jug, secondary container & detachable base, and it is the most economical option for collecting waste generated in lab classes.

This system is also available in 1 gallon size. Replacement jugs for this system range from $3.61 to $4.15 each, compared to $10-$40 each for other waste bottles and containers... a great way to get more from your budget.

eco funnel 8 inch system
ECO Funnels & Systems

About CP Lab Safety: Providing Lab Supplies since 1996

CP Lab Safety is a GSA preferred government contractor that distributes lab supplies and safety products, including lab bottles, lab containers & safety containers, lab glassware, plasticware, disposable labware, chemistry lab supplies, Eagle® & Justrite® safety storage cabinets, safety cans, Nalgene® labware, carboys, safety coated glass bottles, vials, and industrial safety supplies.

We manufacture environmentally conscientious lab safety products including ECO Funnel® and Benchtop Solid Waste Container, which virtually eliminate toxic fumes from solvent waste, solving the "open waste container" problem in any laboratory. We help labs comply with OSHA & EPA standards concerning unsafe exposure to personnel, clean air standards, spill containment, & fire safety. ECO Funnel® fits common laboratory containers, reagent bottles, boston round bottles, carboys, etc. We also manufacture secondary containers for 2L-4L Nalgene® lab bottles.

We provide quality lab supplies to educational & government laboratories in the pharmaceutical & biotech industry worldwide. We are a Woman Owned business & California Small Business Certified, and we have our GSA Contract Number GSA#: GS-07F-238AA in order to efficiently serve the U.S. Government.


ECO Funnel Makes Labs Safe