4" ECO Funnel, System, 5 gal UN Certified Pail, Optional Secondary Container

4" ECO Funnel, System, 5 gal UN Certified Pail, Optional Secondary Container

4" ECO Funnel, System, 5 gal UN Certified Pail, Optional Secondary Container
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4" ECO Funnel 5 Gallon Life Latch Bucket System, UN Certified Pail with optional secondary container

Customize with HPLCThis 4 inch ECO Funnel system comes with a 5 gallon Life-Latch waste bucket with screw-on lid and security latch, designed specifically for liquid. When closed securely, the closed-cell neoprene gasket ensures a leak proof waste container. The bucket lid features a sonically-welded polyethylene American Flange spout #BUB0380000N0112 with 1.5" opening, (2.5" total fitting size) which the ECO Funnel securely screws onto, virtually eliminating chemical fumes that could otherwise escape through the spout. 16.25" tall, the bucket and lid are made from polyethylene (HDPE).

When full and sealed (with ECO Funnel removed), this packaging is UN certified for both liquid and solid hazardous materials. For liquids, only the 5 gallon Life Latch® Liquid container is UN certified, and it must always contain the included gasket to qualify.

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Check Chemical Compatibility with HDPE

ECO Funnel® is the ultimate lab safety product for collection of hazardous liquid waste. Its unique, patented design performs two functions, acting as both a sealed waste container and a solvent funnel. The 4" ECO Funnel® is made of HDPE and has a 450 mL fluid capacity. This solvent funnel is designed with a custom screw cap which secures it to a specified waste container. It also features a gasket inside the lid and a sturdy positive latch which ensures the lid remains securely closed. A filter is also built into the interior to reduce the loss of stir sticks or other particles in the waste liquid.

  • 4" wide funnel with lid, gasket and screw cap fits small drums and pails with a 70mm neck size
  • 11" stem also reduces chemical evaporation of hazardous solvents in the lab
  • Funnel top without the stem measures 5"W x 7"L.
  • large particle filter catches stir bar and large debris
  • Constructed of chemically resistant HDPE
  • 4" ECO Funnel can be fitted with up to 6 HPLC waste lines
Dimensions: Lid Open 13"L x 13"W x 27"H
Dimensions: Lid Closed 13"L x 13"W x 22"H
Dimensions with Secondary Container 17.75"L x 15.75"W x 22"H (27"H open)
Funnel 4" ECO Funnel® # EF-4-38
Container 5 gal HDPE pail # EC-MM5PL
Secondary Container SC-20020DR (optional)

ECO Funnel® Features

  • Solves the "open waste container" problem.
  • Prevents emissions of 99.9% of volatile waste solvents, acids, and bases in the laboratory.
  • Maintains an average cost of approximately $0.07 per day, assuming a four-year product use.
  • Has a unique, patented design that meets most local, state and federal safety regulations and requirements.
  • May be used again and again and resists nearly all corrosive chemicals.
  • Is considered a state of the art product by environmental health and safety officers and industry professionals.
  • Applies to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Academic and Government laboratories and is widely used.

Specifically, the following items pertain to the Life Latch® Liquid containers:

  1. UN Markings for Life Latch® Liquid Container is 1H2/Y1.5/30 (for liquids)
  2. Life Latch® Liquid containers are certified to the UN/DOT performance oriented packaging standards and are marked with the appropriate UN markings on the container.
  3. The Life Latch® Liquid pail must always be used with the correct Life Latch® Liquid lid in order to meet the UN/DOT performance oriented packaging standards.
  4. Life Latch® Liquid containers are not UN certified for air transportation.

In accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation's Title 49CFR, Section 178.2, manufacturers of U.N. Standard/DOT Specification packages are required to notify in writing each person to whom that packaging is transferred of all requirements in this part not met at the time of transfer, and with information specifying the type(s) and dimensions of the closures, including gaskets and any other components needed to ensure that the packaging is capable of successfully passing the applicable performance tests. This information must include any procedures to be followed, including closure instructions for inner packaging and receptacles, to effectively assemble and close the packaging for the purpose of preventing leakage in transportation.

CLOSURE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIQUIDS and SOLIDS: Only the 5 gallon Life Latch® Liquid style container with GASKETED lid is UN certified for liquid hazardous materials. Package components required:
  • Appropriately marked UN/DOT certified M & M Industries pail, 5 gallon
  • Matching lid size with trigger attached, with gasket
To Close
  • Seat lid on top of pail and rotate lid clockwise a complete 360 degrees with the threads fully engaged.
  • Continue rotating until lid is fully tightened. For ease of application, use built-in hand lever on cover.
  • Inspect lid after application to confirm it is properly seated.


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