55 gallon HDPE, Blue Tight Head Drum, UN Rated

55 gallon HDPE, Blue Tight Head Drum, UN Rated

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55 gallon


55 Gal HDPE Blue Closed Head Drum, Mauser. UN Rated, with (1) 2" Buttress and (1) 2" NPT in the top.

These drums are made from a high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene resin and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and consistency. This material makes the drums extremely strong and rigid yet far lighter than steel drums, allowing for easier handling and savings on shipping costs. These drums are tapered to accommodate the nesting of the empty drums for economy of transportation and storage costs.

This drum has been the industrial standard for safe transport of hazardous liquids for 20 years. It's also the most frequently found plastic drum in the world, which is produced in over 50 countries. The drum body is manufactured in a one-step process and is designed for high mechanical requirements and can be emptied to less than 100 mL. Meets World Standard DIN EN ISO 20848-2 (220 L.) Can be efficiently filled, is ISO-container. Compliant; up to three drums can be stacked.

  • Comply with FDA regulations for food and drugs.
  • Original Single L-Ring design for optimal handling and excellent resting, conveying and stacking stability.
  • Bottom handle for easy use.

Please note: Please call us at (888) 322-5722 for a quotation. Our Blue and Natural (white) Drums are all FDA & USDA Approved for food, water and cosmetics. All are also UN Rated and DOT Approved.

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