Absolute Pressure Vacuum Controller CVC 3000 detect, 100-230V/50-60Hz

Absolute Pressure Vacuum Controller CVC 3000 detect, 100-230V/50-60Hz

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The CVC3000 is a unified controller for the rough vacuum range. Used in conjunction with a vacuum pump and solenoid valve, it can maintain two-point control of vacuum levels, or execute multi-step programs. Used in conjunction with at VARIO NT chemistry pump it can additionally automatically find and follow boiling point curves for evaporations up to 30% faster than two-point control. A special "turbo" mode is included for backing of turbomolecular pumps. An integrated vent valve is included.

  • Jogwheel interface
  • Storage of ten multi-step programs
  • Graphic display of performance
  • Automatic "plug-and-play" recognition and configuration with VACUU •BUS valve and transducer peripherals
  • Bidirectional RS232 interface

The VACUU •BUS interface allows automatic recognition and configuration solenoid vacuum valves, vent valves, cooling water valves, external transducers and VARIO NT vacuum pumps. The bi-directional RS232 port allows process validation, or command of multi-step processes via computer.

CVC3000 detect Integrated Vacuum Control System. Integrated unit includes a CVC3000 controller with VVB-6C solenoid valve for easy upgrading of vacuum systems to electronic control. The advanced detect* feature automatically finds the first boiling point in an evaporation reducing initial oversight. A check valve helps protect the electronically controlled application from vacuum line instability and potentially contaminating vapors from other applications. Simple to use - simply attach application to one 10mm (3/8") hose barb, and connect other hose barb to vacuum source.

*detect feature not available on other versions of the CVC3000 controller.

CVC3000 + VSP3000 Pirani Fine Vacuum Control Packages. Packages include a CVC3000 controller a VSP3000 external Pirani vacuum transducer, a VV-B 15C in-line solenoid valve and all necessary small flange components. for easy upgrading of VACUUBRAND rotary vane and Chemistry-HYBRID pumps to electronic control, as well as pumps from other manufacturers using KF16 or KF25 small flanges.

Measuring Range (all CVC3000 versions) With capacitive transducer: 1080 to 0.1mbar (810 to 0.1Torr)
With VSP3000 Pirani transducer: 1000 to 1x10-3mbar
Vacuum Control Range strong >With capacitive transducer 1060 to 1mbar (795 to 1Torr) depending on pump; "Turbo" backing pump mode <1mbar ( <1Torr)
With VSP3000 Pirani transducer: 1000 to 1x10-3mbar
Control Connections 1 socket for power supply or VARIO NT
2 VACUU •BUS sockets (Can be expanded with use of Y-cords)
Power Supply 100-230V/50-60Hz

Note: None of the CVC3000 controllers listed on this page can be used to upgrade the PC3001 basic to VARIO control.

The CVC3000 vacuum controller is supplied with stand, power supply, US, CEE, CH, UK and AU plugs, and instructions for use.

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