Message & Graphic Ada Braille Restrooms Symbol Sign

ADA Compliant Braille Restrooms Symbol Sign

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National Marker Sign: (Message Graphic) ADA Compliant Braille Restrooms Symbol Sign.

Inform everyone where the restroom is. Use this sign to inform men and women, handicapped and visually impaired persons where the restroom is located.

Engraved Signs:

Surface material has a low glare matte finish, surface engraving is ideal for name plates and interior signage. Subsurface engraving is tamper-proof, UV stable, and can have up to .010 cap thickness.


  • Type: ADA Compliant Braille
  • Legend: Restrooms
  • Message or Graphic: Message Graphic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Language: English, Braille
  • Print Type: Engraved
  • Height (Inch) : 8
  • Width (Inch) : 8
  • Coating: No Coating
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Graphic Type: Handicap Symbol with Man and Woman's Figures
  • Color: White on Brown
  • Compliance Specifications: ADA

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