Anti-Fatigue Mat, 621 Diamond Flex-Lok Solid

Anti-Fatigue Mat, 621 Diamond Flex-Lok Solid

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Diamond Flex-Lok Solid is a high-performance modular matting system that combines the durability and toughness of an industrial mat with true ergonomic support and comfort. The ergonomic properties of Diamond Flex-Lok Solid are the result of a multi-tiered footing design that elevates the mat off the floor, creating air pockets that allow the mat to flex with the weight of the worker. The solid-top design has a pronounced raised diamond pattern on the mat surface, and an inverted-V pattern on the ramps to provide additional traction. Diamond Flex-Lok™ Solid is manufactured from 100% recycled PVC for greater resistance to industrial chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases. A unique interlock system that comes apart only when you want it to allows for easy reconfiguration. Create your own workstation configuration or select an assembled stock size.

Features & Benefits:

  • PVC solid modular interlocking tile with raised diamond top surface
  • Black tiles & ramps made from 100% recycled PVC
  • Ergonomic, multi-tiered design
  • Unique post-in-hole connection system
  • Custom configure own workspace or select from an assembled stock size
  • Stock size mats have beveled edges permanently affixed on 3 sides
  • Beveled ramps and corners available


  • Available Colors: Black, Black and Yellow
  • Overall Thickness: 1"
  • Stock Sizes: Sizes: 12" x 12" Tile, 6" x 12" Ramp, 6" x 6" Corners
  • Assembled Stock Sizes: 30" x 36", 30" x 48", 30" x 60", 30" x 72", 30" x 96", 42" x 72", 42" x 96", 42" x 120"

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate and/or diisononyl phthalate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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