Autoclave Scented Pads

Clavies Autoclave Deodorizer Pads are scented deodorizing autoclave supplies for neutralizing odor with heat-released deodorant. Autoclave deodorizer pads are impregnated with a heat-released deodorant that doesn't merely mask autoclave odors, but actually neutralizes them with one of four pleasant scents. Protective cover melts in autoclave, allowing deodorant to be heat activated. Neat and easy to handle, simply unwrap and place a pad in each bag prior to autoclaving. Odo-Clave® pads are 32mm (1-1/4") square.

  • Autoclave Deodorizing pads Cherry Odo-Clave, case/100
    Part #: BA-131980001

    $126.00 $117.25
  • Autoclave Deodorizing pads Clove Odo-Clave, case/100
    Part #: BA-131980000

    $126.00 $117.25
  • Autoclave Deodorizing pads Odo-Clave 3x Clove, case/100
    Part #: BA-131990000

    $193.00 $177.85
  • Autoclave Deodorizing pads Pine Odo-Clave, case/100
    Part #: BA-131980002

    $126.00 $117.25