Autofil Bottle Top Vacuum Filter Assembly, 250ml, 0.2um PES, Case/12

Autofil Bottle Top Vacuum Filter Assembly, 250ml, 0.2um PES, Case/12

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250 mL / 8 ounce
vacuum filter


250ml, 0.2um PES, Full Assembly Bottle top Vacuum Filtration device. The Autofil 250ml complete system is a disposable, sterile, vacuum operated unit used for the preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media, and other biological fluids. Utilizing the hardware avoids potential contamination by eliminating any unnecessary fluid transfer to the media bottle post-sterilization, and reduces the risk of spills. The complete system includes a SECUREgrasp media bottle attached to the filter.

Includes an upper filter funnel with dust cap that contains a 0.2μm (sterilization grade) asymmetric PES membrane. Our membrane is low protein binding and surfactant free.

The Autofil system is designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous laboratory fluids. The filters are Gamma sterilized 10"“6 in the USA.
An industry first, These sells a stable, low-profile, patented optional pedestal base or a low cost ring-stand cradle. Each holder provides a stationary vacuum hose connection that makes set-up and use quick and efficient while preventing spills and tissue culture hood contamination.

These holders also allow for hands-free operation of the filter unit. Manufactured in ISO 13485 clean room.

*All filters include standard hose barb vacuum connector.

Please note: Foxx Products are manufactured in a Clean Room and cannot be returned or exchanged.


  • Bottle Height: 2.59" (68.1 mm)
  • Funnel Height: 2.97" (75.4 mm)
  • Diameter(max): 4.56" (115.9mm)
  • Weight: .504lb (.115kg)
  • Funnel Volume: 250ml
  • Bottle Volume: 250ml
  • Funnel/ Bottle Material: Polystyrene
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene
  • Filter Material: PES
  • Filter Pore Size: .2μm


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