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Hear and Now: Noise Safety Challenge

Posted by Kristi Williams on 11th Aug 2016

Occupational hearing loss can be a side-effect in many industries through exposure to direct and indirect noise agents. Direct noise agents can be anything from hearing a jackhammer while working
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Fall Safety Week: May 2-6

Posted by Kristi Williams on 29th Apr 2016

OSHA’s Step Up for Safety Campaign focuses on fall prevention. The National Fall Prevention Stand-Down Campaign is May 2 to 6, country wide. This Campaign intends to spread awareness to
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4 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Posted by Kristi Williams on 5th Apr 2016

1. Stay up to date with OSHA and EPA regulationsFollowing regulations set forth by OSHA and EPA can save your business in the long run. OSHA’s website has a significant amount of resources to help
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Why Use Amphomag to Neutralize Chemical Spills?

Posted by Kristi Williams on 9th Mar 2016

Since 2005, the chemical spill neutralizer Amphomag® has played an integral role in the  MERIT Training Program, a Pennsylvania-based tactical training program for law enforcement. The pu
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March: Vision Safety Month

Posted by Kristi Williams on 3rd Mar 2016

Our vision plays an important role in our lives. We use it every day from the moment we wake up until we’re ready to sleep. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) rep
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