Bottle Top Dispenser, Opus Motorized Dispensing Unit

Bottle Top Dispenser, Opus Motorized Dispensing Unit

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Bottle Top Dispenser, Opus® Motorized Dispensing Units. Safe and reliable bottle-top dispensers and titrators provide extremely sensitive, motor-powered dispensing precision. Available in 20 or 50mL volumes, these devices operate in conjunction with remote touch screen controllers that provide complete electronic control over all instrument functions. Includes 3 plugs (EU, US, UK)

Opus® pumps are equipped with new ceramic compound piston seals for excellent durability and electronic protection. A return control at the pump's base helps reduce costs by enabling users to prime the pump and return liquids to the bottle. Controllers can be outfitted with an optional battery pack to operate independently from any power outlet.

Controllers feature simple, menu-guided user instructions with tab cards on an external colored TFT touch screen. A versatile array of application options are available, with configuration of up to 9999 dispensing repetitions possible. Intervals of up to 9999 seconds can be selected between individual procedures. A stepper function offers the ability to dispense several volume increments from a single cylinder fill. Additional options such as language selection (English, German, French, and Spanish) , specification of suction and dispensing speed, and the capacity for up to 10 different memory settings further enhance the versatility of the controllers. The last used setting is saved to ensure speedy processing when the instrument is reactivated. A USB interface is standard on all controllers. All units are supplied with an individual calibration certificate. The default calibration setting is permanently available, along with a memory setting for user-specified calibration.

Ordering Information: Dispensers and titrators are supplied as complete kits with a bottle-top mounted pump and remote controller. The pump and controller components are also available individually as accessories. The optional silicone system platform neatly organizes all components by securely combining bottle and pump and providing a convenient space for controller placement.

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