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We sell Lab Bottles and Containers for Science Laboratories, Nalgene labware, lab glassware, plastic coated boston round bottles, and straight side jars

CP Lab Safety offers sterlization and cleaning services for most bottles. Learn more about our services or request a FREE quote by clicking the button below. Thank you!

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  • EZFlow® Replacement Clamp
    Part #: FX-34R-0004-FLS

    $23.00 $21.17
  • EZFlow® Replacement Filter Base
    Part #: FX-34R-0001-FLS

    $41.00 $37.08
  • EZFlow® Replacement Filter Flask
    Part #: FX-34R-1003-FLS

    $23.00 $21.17
  • EZFlow® Replacement Upper Funnel Cup
    Part #: FX-34R-1002-FLS

    $23.00 $21.17