Buchner Funnels

A Buchner funnel is a piece of laboratory equipment used in suction filtration. Our Buchner funnels come in three main varieties: standard (with fixed or removable plates), single piece, and two piece (easy to clean). Buchner funnels are all intended for use below 52° C (125° F) and are suitable for a variety of lab procedures.

  • Standard porous filter plate Buchner funnels are available with medium porosity (45-90 microns) or coarse porosity (90-130 microns). The fixed or removable filter plates are 6.4mm (1/4") thick HDPE with a non-porous circumference to help fasten filter paper to the plate. These Buchner funnels are also available with a punctured filter plate, also HDPE, which is 4.8mm (3/16") thick. Holes are 4.8mm (3/16") diameter on 11mm (7/16") centers. The fixed plate models can be used for coarse filtration or with a cloth or paper filter. A removable filter plate allows easier cleaning and precious metals recovery. All plates are supported by a multiple ring grid to prevent displacement under vacuum. Vacuum connector fitting accepts 12.7mm (1/2") I.D. tubing. The tube fitting is fixed on the 260mm (10.25") funnel and threads into 3/4" diameter NPT bung on all other models.
  • Single Piece Filtering funnels have a welded-in, Fritware® porous polyethylene filter plate (fine, medium or coarse) but can also be used with a filter paper.
  • Two piece Buchner funnels are autoclavable, economical and lightweight. They can be separated for effortless washing.
  • Buchner Funnel, PP, 240mm, 6000mL, pack/2
    Part #: DL-242835-240

    $230.00 $210.91
  • Buchner Funnel, 1000mL One-Piece HDPE, case/4
    Part #: BA-146110000

    $153.00 $140.81
  • Paper Filters for Buchner Funnel, 18", Box/100
    Part #: BA-146320018

    $240.00 $219.85
  • Buchner Funnel, PP, 160mm, 2100mL, case/4
    Part #: DL-242835-150

    $237.00 $216.68
  • Buchner Funnel Support Disc, 160mm, case/50
    Part #: DL-242845-150

    $99.00 $96.41
  • Buchner Funnel Support Disc, 240mm, case/50
    Part #: DL-242845-240

    $130.00 $125.06
  • Buchner Funnel Supports, Neoprene, Set of 7
    Part #: DL-242864-0000

    $58.00 $52.64
  • Buchner Funnel, PP, 240mm
    Part #: GSCI-600445

    $137.00 $121.03
  • Buchner Funnel, PP, 42.5mm, 40mL, case/12
    Part #: DL-242835-042

    $120.00 $116.48
  • Filter Paper for Buchner Funnel, 36", Box/100
    Part #: BA-146320036

    $1,132.00 $1,046.25
  • Paper Filters for Buchner Funnel, 10.25", Box/100
    Part #: BA-146320010

    $136.00 $126.45
  • Buchner Funnel, PP, 55mm
    Part #: GSCI-600438

    $37.00 $30.04
  • Tabletop Buchner Funnel, 18" with Perforated Removable Plate
    Part #: BA-146271457

    $959.00 $882.89
  • Tabletop Buchner Funnel, 24" with Perforated Removable Plate
    Part #: BA-146271610

    $1,487.00 $1,373.08
  • Tabletop Buchner Funnel, 36" Perforated Removable Plate
    Part #: BA-146271914

    $2,634.00 $2,436.80
  • Buchner Funnel Support Disc, 110mm, case/50
    Part #: DL-242845-110

    $84.00 $83.10
  • Buchner Funnel Support Disc, 42.5mm, case/50
    Part #: DL-242845-042