Carboy, Amber HDPE, 5L with Spigot, VersaCap 80mm (83B) EZgrip

Carboy, Amber HDPE, 5L with Spigot, VersaCap 80mm (83B) EZgrip

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Carboy, Amber HDPE, 5L with spigot spout (order attachments separately) , VersaCap® 80mm (83B.) EZgrip Amber® Carboy is an advanced fluid handling system developed with the end user in mind. The ergonomically designed EZgrip body, coupled with our VersaCap® technology provides the user with an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean carboy. The EZgrip Carboy body includes design feature that allow the user to easily hold and manipulate during lifting, filling, and pouring, while VersaCap® technology provides interchangeable, leakproof top connections. The Carboy features include large top handles, molded hand grips in the base, easy-to-read metric graduations certified to +/-5% accuracy, and the carboy material molded into the side for easy identification.

The EZgrip® Carboys are designed to provide users with a highly versatile container that maximizes storage efficiency and ease of use. The distinctive rectangular or square shape saves valuable bench space.

HDPE carboys are made from a USP Class VI, FDA Grade materials. Made in the USA. BPA Free.

Please note: Foxx Products are manufactured in a Clean Room and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Product Dimensions (millimeters) (L x W x H) : 220 x 131 x 406

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