COD Digestion Vials w/Hg, 0-150mg/L, EPA-Approved, pack/100

COD Digestion Vials w/Hg, 0-150mg/L, EPA-Approved, pack/100

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EPA-Approved COD Digestion Vials Hg Free 0-150mg/L, 16 x 100mm. Each box shipped with Certificate of Analysis (CofA) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS.) Crosses with Hach® # 21258-15 and 21258-25.

Pre-filled with COD reagents, these digestion vials come in EPA-approved versions for low-, standard-, and ultra-high-range analysis. Each lot is tested to ensure superior quality from the cap and vial to the chemical contents. Glass vials are 16 mm x 100 mm to work with your existing COD reactor and spectrophotometer. Simply add 2 mL of your sample, heat in your digester, and read in your spectrometer. COD digestion vials may contain acid, mercury, and silver and must be disposed of properly.

Environmental Express MicroVials provide quality COD test results at a savings for your laboratory. Using MicroVials for COD analysis is quick and easy. Simply add two milliliters of sample to the vial, digest at 150°C for two hours and then read results directly on a spectrophotometer.

If you currently use the micro-COD digestion method, Environmental Express vials will provide equivalent results using equivalent calibration curves to the vials you currently use - no method modification necessary!

Our COD MicroVials are packaged in spectrally uniform 16mm glass cells that fit directly in all commercially available COD reactors and spectrophotometers. In fact, results provided by MicroVials will read directly on Hach® spectrophotometers without any method changes. Each lot of MicroVials is checked against NIST standards and against competing brands of COD vials. Best of all, Environmental Express MicroVials are priced up to 25% less than competing brands of vials. Vials are provided with SDS, instructions and transmittance curves.

Our COD MicroVials meet all the requirements set forth in HazCom 2012. We have reformatted our Safety Data Sheets and our labels have been updated to the GHS format as seen below.

COD GHS box label without mercury
COD GHS vial labels without mercury

California Proposition 65

Click the following link for more information on Environmental Express's compliance with California Proposition 65.

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

  • EPA 410.4
  • SM 5220D-2011
  • HACH 8000
  • ASTM D1252-06
  • ISO 15705:2002

Please note: This product is not returnable.

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