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Color Changing Chemical Spill Neutralizer/ Sorbent, Full Case

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List: $99.99
$96.75 (You save $3.24)
Part Number: PM-AMPHO3LB
Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Minimum Purchase: 1 unit(s)

 Product Description

Amphomag® spill absorbent and chemical neutralizer efficiently handles your spill cleanup needs due to its unique ability to neutralize both acids and bases and thus, most chemicals and solvents. Amphomag® contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response. When applied to an unknown chemical spill, the color of Amphomag® turns red for acids and blue for bases, helping police and lab techs identify the substance that has been spilled, and effectively removing the hazardous effects of most chemicals to ensure the safety of spill responders. By the time the absorbent turns green, it has neutralized the chemical and removed or reduced it's hazardous characteristics.

Please note: This item is NOT returnable.

Instantly Identify Acids or Bases from this COLOR CHANGING absorbent


  • Neutralize acid spills
  • Neutralize bases
  • Neutralize solvent spills
  • Absorb liquids of any kind or of mixed origin
  • Control odors from spilled chemicals
  • Neutralize chemical gas evaporating from chemical spills


  • Neutralize Acids, including Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Nitric, etc.
  • Neutralize Bases, including Sodium Hydroxide, etc
  • Neutralize Air-reactive and water-reactive liquids
  • Neutralize Anti-freeze/Engine coolant and other automotive fluids
  • Neutralize Oxidizers and Reducing agents
  • Neutralize Organic Compounds
  • Neutralize Solvents
  • Neutralize Poisons
  • Neutralize Gasoline and other fuels

As Amphomag ® neutralizes the spill, the color gradually changes to yellow or green. Free liquids in the released materials can easily be controlled and the neutralized material can typically be landfilled.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • No risk of misapplication - the spilled material doesn't require identification before Amphomag ® is applied
  • Built-in multi-range pH indicator helps identify your spill and respond appropriately
  • Safe to store and handle
  • Easy to use, requiring no special training or safety equipment
  • Produces less heat and spattering than most other available neutralizers
  • Stable for long-term containment of highly hazardous materials
  • Rust-inhibitor and prevents degradation of shipping and storage containers
  • Gas neutralizer and adsorbent (i.e. organic and hydrocarbon vapors)
  • Reduces and prevents pressure build up in disposal containers
  • Amphomag ® will not support combustion


  • Quicker spill response which reduces property or product damage
  • Renders many spills non-hazardous after neutralization, allowing landfill disposal and reducing your costs
  • 30%-50% less expensive to use compared to other specialized spill control agents
  • Single product neutralizes acids and bases instead of purchasing multiple neutralizers for different materials

Safely Throw Away Most Chemicals after treating them with Amphomag ®

When applying Amphomag ® to accidental spills use a heavy broadcast method. It may also be used as a perimeter for protection against spills spreading. Reactions with acids and some aqueous solutions can generate heat, but not to dangerous levels. Reaction with bases creates little or no heat. Amphomag ® is highly effective at containing liquid spills, and preventing them potentially entering the environment.

The amount of Amphomag ® needed to contain an aqueous spill is relative to the weight of the spill. In order to completely neutralize a chemical substance, the amount of Amphomag ® required will depend on the concentration of the fluid as well.

amphomag-fire.jpg amphomag-police.jpg

Amphomag ® needed to neutralize common corrosives (per gallon of spilled chemical):

Spilled Material Amphomag ® Needed
94% Sulfuric Acid 14 Pounds
50% Caustic Soda 23 Pounds
70% Nitric Acid 6 Pounds
35% Hydrochloric Acid 5 Pounds
85% Phosphoric Acid 12 Pounds

Amphomag ® needed per gallon to contain common organics:

Spilled Material Amphomag ® Needed
Paint Related 6 to 8 Pounds
Fuels 6 Pounds
Oils 6 to 7 Pounds
Solvents 6 to 10 Pounds

As with all neutralizing agents, it is possible that Amphomag ® will generate heat during a neutralization reaction, especially with acids. If heat is generated on application of Amphomag ®, allow the spill to cool before attempting to dispose of the Amphomag ®. When applying Amphomag ® mix thoroughly, keep applying Amphomag ® until the spill is fairly dry. If combustible materials are close to the spill, remove them from the area before application of Amphomag ®. Use caution when applying Amphomag ® to a spill that has covered combustible materials such as cardboard or wood as heat may be generated during the application which may result in a fire. Do not apply to a spill in a confined space such as a drum or pail.

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Overview of Amphomag
  • Overview of Amphomag
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