CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask, 15mm OD, Valve, pack/10

CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask, 15mm OD, Valve, pack/10

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The Adsafe CPR Pocket Resuscitator mask accessory combines functionality with portability.  This CPR Pocket Resuscitator is designed for mouth to mask ventilation of a non-breathing adult, child, or infant. It is also used as a barrier that will direct expired air from the patient away from the user. This device should only be used by persons who have received adequate training.


  1. This product should be used only by persons who have received adequate training and instructions from qualified medical personnel.
  2. Connect the oxygen supply line if necessary.
  3. In the presence of high oxygen concentrations, an explosion may be caused by naked flames, or by oil and grease on the resuscitator.


  • High efficiency and low resistance one-way valve minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination
  • 15mm O.D. connector can be attached to any standard ventilation and oxygen equipment
  • For use on adults, and inverted for infants/children
  • Ergonomically shaped mask with soft-air cushion for leak-free performance, easy grasp, and patient comfort
  • Disposable valve to avoid cross contamination
  • Elastic green strap to keep mask in place on patient
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Operating instructions, disposable gloves not made with natural rubber latex, and alcohol wipe included
  • Pocket storage case
  • Standard orders ship in a plain poly-bag.

Package Contents:

  1. Foldable cushion mask with oxygen port
  2. One-way air valve
  3. Disposable air filter
  4. Elastic mask head strap
  5. Powder-free examination gloves
  6. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  7. Instructions

** All materials are latex-free


During disassembly and assembly, make sure mask is in its folded position.


Hold mask with one hand and clamp the filter housing between your thumb and two fingers of the other hand. Separate the two by pulling.Discard filter after each use.Assembly: Push and snap new filter firmly in place.
WARNING: If oxygen is used, do not smoke or use in the presence of sparking equipment or open flame.

WARNING:The one-way valve is a single use only and MUST be discarded after single patient use.


  • Mask is reusable and easy to clean. One-way valve can be cleanedand reused ONLY for repeated mannequin training. Use provided alcohol wipe to clean mask and valve after use. Discard filter after each use.
  • Wash and scrub in warm soapy water.
  • Rinse in clean water. Submerge for 10 minutes in a 1:64 household bleach:water solution.
  • Rinse again and allow to dry.
  • Do not pasteurize, boil, gas, or steam autoclave mask.

Note: If mask becomes sticky, clean as recommended above. Use provided alcohol wipe to clean mask and valve after use  (with included models).

Storage: Always keep mask in storage case when not in use.

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