Cytiva Acid-Alkali Test Papers Books, pH Range 1.0-11.0 (10 books of 20 strips), pack/10

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Made to stringent Whatman quality standards, Whatman pH indicator strips combine ease-of-use with unsurpassed accuracy and consistency.

All Whatman pH indicator strips enable:

  • Instant pH readings
  • Accuracy over a wide range of routine pH tests
  • Convenience and portability for field use

The convenience of using pH indicator papers for rapid pH testing has led to widespread use in human medicine, agriculture, industry and environmental applications.

pH Indicator Strips type CF (color bonded dye system)
Individual plastic support strips carry four different segments of dye-impregnated pH indicator papers. The resulting combination of color differences gives an extremely clear and accurate visual pH value. All the dyes are chemically bonded to the paper and cannot leach into solution, avoiding sample contamination and resultant anomalous pH readings.

pH Indicator Strips type CS (integral comparison chart)
Each pH test strip has a central segment of indicator dye and, printed alongside, eight or more different color segments marked with corresponding pH values for matching purposes.

The pH test value can be read by direct comparison of the pH test strip color against the integrated color bars. pH indicator strips with integrated comparison bars are excellent for colored solutions so that any changes in the color of the paper stock are automatically disregarded.

pH Indicator Strip Dispensers type TC (triple color band)
The pH test strip has three separate indicator dye color bands. It comes as a roll in a convenient dispenser that helps to protect the indicator paper from fumes or aerosols that may change the color of the paper. The individual combination of color change resulting from each test is compared with the color-coded comparison chart printed on the dispenser for fast and accurate pH testing.

pH Indicator Strip Dispensers type SR (standard range)
A full range including some narrow ranges of pH indicator papers are available in a convenient dispenser.

pH Indicator Strip books
The book format is convenient for quick and economical pH testing, particularly for educational use.


  • pH Range: 1 - 11
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