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DIGI-note to Debut at National Stationary Show, February 3 – 6, 2019 in New York, NY


Press Release:

DIGI-note replaces paper sticky note, help save the environment while improving office productivity

DIGI-note to Debut at National Stationary Show, February 3 – 6, 2019 in New York, NY

Novato, CALIF., Jan. 15, 2019 – Today, CP Lab Safety, a manufacturer of over 80 environmentally conscious products such as ECO Funnels /systems and a distributor of more than 100,000 products for various industries around the globe is excited to announce the debut of DIGI-note, a voice recording memo note pad, at the National Stationary Show in New York this February. This environmentally friendly device can be used to leave a voice message, up to 30 seconds long, instead of using paper sticky notes. It is reusable and rechargeable.

Dr. Ron Najafi, a serial entrepreneur and the inventor of DIGI-note, commented, "DIGI-note increases productivity in the workplace while it helps to reduce the paper waste. It is essentially a sticky note, except it's not sticky, and it's not made of paper. In attending the National Stationary Show, we hope to find other businesses that will collaborate with us for distribution or license DIGI-note.”

DIGI-note is simple to use: just press and hold the record button, speak into the device to record a message, and leave it on a coworkers’ desk. Recharge it occasionally, reuse it forever. It’s small, lightweight and magnetic so it can attach to your fridge. When there is a new message, the light blinks to alert the recipient.

DIGI-note will be displayed at the National Stationary show and NY Now for the first time. Stop by our booth #5619 to see and interact with DIGI-note!

Learn more about DIGI-note:

You can purchase a DIGI-note today through Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping.


About the Inventor

Dr. Ron Najafi, chemist, inventor and entrepreneur, is the CEO of Emery Pharma and inventor of ECO Funnel – an environmentally friendly funnel that prevents 99.9% of the toxic emission from open waste containers in the laboratory. Dr. Najafi is always looking for new ways to help the environment and noticed that his employees were using far too many sticky notes in the office. To address this issue, Dr. Najafi developed DIGI-note, an effective and simple device that allows the user to record their voice for 30 seconds to be shared with a colleague or loved one – eliminating the need to waste paper.


About CP Lab Safety


CP Lab Safety is recipient of congressional award for environmental sustainability, is a Woman-Owned, Bay Area Green Business and California Small Business certified manufacturer of environmentally conscious laboratory safety products and distributor of leading lab supply brands. Their mission is “Making Science Green” with the vision of being recognized globally as the leading company in reducing the cumulative carbon footprint of laboratories and increasing safety of workers in the laboratory and workplace environment. Through an extensive portfolio of more than 20,000 laboratory safety products, CP Lab Safety is helping labs to reduce their emissions of waste into the air and water, risk of fire, workers’ exposure to toxic fumes.

CP Lab Safety’s patented signature product, ECO Funnel®, has revolutionized the way open waste containers are handled and is used at leading pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial, academic and government institutions worldwide.


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