Drum and IBC Containment

Drum Spill Pallets, Drum Platforms, and Drum Accumulation Centers offer compliant secondary containment for drums, flexible and comprehensive spill protection, and are highly chemically resistant. Drum Spill Pallets are deeper than accumulation centers. Drum Spill Platforms are design for outside use alongside drum storage sheds. IBC spill pallets are designed secondary containment of 1 or 2 large totes.

  • Eagle® 1 Drum Spill Pallet, Modular Platform
    Part #: EG-1633

    $154.00 $130.90
  • 1-Drum Dispensing Pallet, Painted Steel
    Part #: DN-K17-3001

    $1,440.00 $1,318.01
  • 1-Drum Steel Painted Steel Spill Cart w/Grating
    Part #: DN-K17-3106

    $1,680.00 $1,537.94
  • Drum Spill Pallet P1 Plus, Yellow, 1-Drum
    Part #: UT-9607

    $492.00 $424.90
  • Spill Pallet P1 Plus, No Drain
    Part #: UT-9606

    $464.00 $400.70