Drum Containment Spill Pallets

EPA Spill Containment Rules and Regulations
Compliant sump capacities for 55 gallon liquid drums and large vessels

Drum Spill Pallets and Secondary Containment offer compliant secondary containment sump capacities for 55 gallon liquid drums and large vessels. Drum spill pallets offer a variety of working heights and dimensions for drum accumulation and storage, pumping operations or waste collection activities. Compliant, large sump in some models and large footprints accept drums, pails & more. Grates remove for easy sump cleaning. Optional ramps simplifies drum handling.

We sell drum pallets that meet SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations

  • Spill Control Platform, Single IBC Unit, 400 gal cap
    Part #: LG-SST-IBC

  • Eagle® 1 Drum Spill Pallet, Modular Platform
    Part #: EG-1633

  • Eagle® 2-Drum Spill Pallet, Modular Platform
    Part #: EG-1632

  • Eagle® Low Profile Ramp for Spill Platforms
    Part #: EG-1689

  • Eagle® Drum Platform, 6-Drum Low Profile Spill Platform
    Part #: EG-1686

  • Spill Control Platform, Forklift ready, 6-Drum, 99 gal sump
    Part #: LG-SST-5176

  • Eagle® 2-Drum Tall Spill Pallet, 66 gallon Sump
    Part #: EG-1620

  • Eagle® 4-Drum Spill Pallet, Budget Basin
    Part #: EG-1638

  • Eagle® Drum Platform Grating for 1633 Modular
    Part #: EG-1642S

    $118.00 $116.12
  • Eagle® Drum Platform, 4-Drum In-Line Spill Pallet
    Part #: EG-1647

  • Eagle® Drum Platform, 4-Drum Low Profile Containment Pallet
    Part #: EG-1645

  • Eagle® Drum Platform, 4-Drum Nesting Containment Pallet
    Part #: EG-1646

  • Eagle® Drum Platform, 8 Drum Low Profile Spill Platform
    Part #: EG-1688

  • Justrite® Spill Containment Pallets, 2-Drum Recycled, Yellow
    Part #: JP-28622