Drum Spill Pallets

Drum Spill Pallets securely store drums while maintaining compliant sump areas in case of leakage. We suggest you check your local state and city rules regarding compliance in case it differs from federal regulations.

  • 1-Drum Dispensing Pallet, Painted Steel
    Part #: DN-K17-3001

  • 1-Drum Steel Transport Sump w/Casters
    Part #: DN-K17-3212

  • Drum Spill Pallet P1 Plus, Yellow, 1-Drum
    Part #: UT-9607

  • Justrite® 1-Drum Containment Pallet & Collection Station
    Part #: JP-28685

  • Spill Pallet P1 Plus, No Drain
    Part #: UT-9606