Eco-Friendly Absorbent, Outdoor Formula, 2 liter, case/20

Eco-Friendly Absorbent, Outdoor Formula, 2 liter, case/20

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ECO Absorb Bag, Outdoor Formula, Various sizes and cases

Cleaning up outdoor spills can be a headache but, ECO Absorb has a specifically formulated product for use outdoors and in areas prone to air movement. ECO Absorb has a formula that is heavier, helping it stay on the ground when trying to clean up a spill. ECO Absorb Outdoor formula is a ideal for use on roads, driveways and other outdoor locations. ECO Absorbs outdoor formula is an eco friendly and safe choice for all spills. (Does not work with hydrofluoric acid)


  • 100% All-Natural and Landfill Safe
  • Absorbs up to 15X more than Clay
  • Leaves No Slippery Residue
  • Costs Less than 25% of the Total Cost of Clay
  • Poses no Health Risks!

ECO Absorb Outdoor Formula is ideal for:

  • Ports and Transportation Facilities
  • Fire Department and First Responders
  • Government and Military Facilities
Product Number Size Case Size
EA-ECO-2LTR-OD 2 Liter Bag 20
EA-ECO-5QRT-OD 5 Quart Bag 8
EA-ECO-5QRTBL-OD 5 Quart Bottle 6
EA-ECO-3QCFT-OD .75 Cubic Floor Bag 1
EA-ECO-1CFT-OD 1.0 Cubic Foot Bag 1
EA-ECO-55GAL-OD 55 Gallon Fiber Drum 1

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