Equipment Inspection Record Service Card Holder

Equipment Inspection Record Service Card Holder

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Equipment Inspection Record Holder. Robust and highly visible holder for storing the inspection record inserts. (Sold separately) Designed to offer easy removal and replacement of inspection records during semi-regular testing and maintenance of showers and eyewashes. Attach to the safety equipment or an adjacent wall / object using pre-molded holes for zip ties or fasteners.

Regular servicing and testing of Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash units is critical to ensuring proper functionality in the event of an emergency. Depending on the location and company procedures you may test daily or weekly and carry out servicing every 3, 6 or 12 months. Each time the equipment is tested or serviced in accordance with the agreed schedule, the person responsible dates and signs the tag.

  • Dimensions: 8.5" H x 2.3" W
  • Document comprehensive service/test history for the life of the unit
  • Helps make identifying the site location and model simple
  • Plastic material ensures written records will last, even when exposed to water
  • Includes two blank tags with space for 26 service records.

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