Eye Wash Stations

Safety Eye Wash Stations and safety showers for chemical exposure in the laboratory. Speakman Company manufactures a full line of emergency safety showers and eye wash stations featuring soft, aerated water spray and "impeller action" showerheads. They provide superior protection and meet the latest ANSI Z358.1 performance requirements and all applicable plumbing, electric shock, safety and weatherability codes, including NEC compliance.

  • Mini Eye Wash Bottles, Sterile, 1/2 ounce, case/500
    Part #: PRO-2051

  • Small Eye Wash Bottles, 1 ounce, Sterile, case/144
    Part #: PRO-2052

  • Eye Wash Bottles, Sterile, 32 ounce, case/12
    Part #: PRO-5434

  • Eye Wash Bottles, Sterile, 4 ounce, case/24
    Part #: PRO-2054