Face Shields with Easy Replacement Parts, pack of 10

Face Shields with Easy Replacement Parts, pack of 10

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These Face Shields are a real game-changer, designed specifically to allow the end user to quickly and easily replace worn out parts with items available in every workplace or office supply store. Protect the faces of healthcare workers, lab technicians and medical staff from airborne droplets, dirt, pathogens, hazardous splashes or chemicals in the workplace without the expensive replacement costs of buying new face shields.

No more reordering expensive plastic front pieces! To use this face shield, hook the holes on the shield to the reusable visor, and secure with any elastic band as shown. A standard office three hole punch can be used to create these holes on any viable plastic when replacement is needed. This unique design allows the plastic shield section to be inexpensively replaced with any sheet plastic when it is worn out. The clips on the front of the visor allow the clear piece to be easily replaced (or removed for disinfecting.) Clips 2, 3, and 4 are spaced so that a standard 3-hole punch can be used to create mounting holes in any plastic sheet materials that are available, such as an 8.5" x 11" transparency sheet. The provided shield is 11" wide x 9.5" tall, but the visor is designed to accept a shield up to 13" wide.

  • Headband / Visor section is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), the back band is made of synthetic rubber (non-latex), and the original shield is made of PETG plastic.
  • Offers max comfort: If a tighter fit is needed, you can double up the band provided, or for finer control, wrap one end of the band around the ear hook until it’s the proper fit. You can also use any elastic material you have available (e.g., 3M Coban) and use a hole punch, or scissors, to place holes to attach to visor ear hooks.
  • Easy to Disinfect: Follow guidelines from CDC and your organization.
  • Damaged shield? Contact us to reorder new bulk shield faces, or make your own. Simply cut off the damaged holes, or find a new sheet of transparent thin plastic (such as overhead transparencies). Use a standard 3 hole punch to make the hole pattern. Designed for simple and economical reuse.
  • Provides protection from splashes and sprays
  • Optically clear for peripheral visibility
  • One size fits most
  • Splash lip discourages droplets from entering the shield mounting holes

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