includes a solid cap, an open hole cap, a gasket, a rubber # 10 stopper and (optional) spigot.

Fermentation Carboy Kit, 6 gal P.E.T. Plastic, Optional Spigot

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When transparency or reduced gas permeability are important, this 6 Gallon PET plastic carboy kit is the best answer. Made from 100% pure food grade PET resin, the product contains no plasticizers. A 4" (100mm) wide-mouth opening provides easy access for cleaning, sanitizing and filling. Convenient for the storage (and optional dispensing) of aqueous solutions or for fermentation. The carboy features smooth internal and external sides that prevent yeast or bacteria from adhering to the product walls. The lid hole is 4.3 cm (1.7") in diameter. Solid lids are also available individually so you can customize your lid or drill multiple holes for filling or supplying. Call to order replacement lids, part# DL-405564-0010.


  • Fermentation Lock is not included and must be purchased from a fermentation supply.
  • Carboy only vents when using the hole cap with stopper and fermentation lock, which allow gases to escape through the air lock (not included.) When using this carboy with a spigot and standard solid cap, it may be necessary to slightly disengage the threads to allow air entry and fluid to escape through the spigot.


  • Available with or without a polypropylene spigot (choose from drop-down menu)
  • Dimensions: 280 x 490mm H
  • Molded-in graduations mark the 5 and 6 gallon levels
  • BPA-Free
  • Ideal for fermentation
  • Food grade plastic
  • 100mm opening
  • PET provides an excellent barrier to gas permeation
  • Smooth walls
  • Taste and odor-free
  • Stain resistant
  • Helps prevent oxidation and spoilage
  • PET is not impermeable to oxygen. However, it is highly resistant to letting oxygen pass through the carboy wall, much better than all standard resins that we sell. It also has very good Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor barrier properties
  • Made in Canada

Each (case of 1) carboy includes the following items:

  • (1) solid red polypropylene cap (no hole)
  • (1) red polypropylene cap with a center hole that takes a #10 Stopper
  • (1) #10 Stopper with a 0.4" center hole, which fits a standard 3-piece fermentation lock (not included)
  • (1) EPDM O-ring that fits into either of the PP Closures
  • (1) information sheet on sanitizing the PET carboy

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