Foxx VersaCaps

Foxx VersaCap Port Cap Filling ClosuresFoxx VersaCaps are leak-proof, have replaceable platinum-cured silicone gaskets, and provides the ultimate in top-connection flexibility. Open VersaCap is compatible with a variety of adapter inserts, enabling users to quickly change the top connections of each carboy or bottle to match their application needs. VersaCap offers large handles with finger grips that allow for easy tightening and opening. They are also stackable and are offered in 53mm, 83mm (compatible with most carboys), and 120mm wide-mouth versions that fit exclusively on Foxx Life Sciences 20L, 40L, and 75L EZfil carboys.

Eliminate pouring of high valued products through the VersaCap EZ Top Fluid Transfer System, or VersaCap Filling and Venting system. These flexible systems are designed with closures that fit bottles or carboys with 53mm, 83mm, and 120mm closures. High purity platinum cured silicone insert with or without tubing. Accept additional fluid transfer components such as aseptic connectors and air vent filters. 

VersaCaps are made from polypropylene, which may be autoclaved at 15 PSI and 121˚C (250˚F) for 20 minutes.

  • Safety Vent, Replacement Chemical Exhaust Filter, EZwaste
    Part #: FX-330-0906-OEM

    $92.00 $82.37
  • VersaCap Cone 120mm, 1/4" Barb x 2, Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-4002-RLS

    $64.00 $57.47
  • Lever Up/Down, Carboy Spigot, case/2
    Part #: FX-225-1001-RLS

    $60.00 $53.29
  • VersaCap 120mm Open top with Close Adapter, case/2
    Part #: FX-205-2004-RLS

    $167.00 $149.12
  • VersaCap Port Cap Insert 80mm (83B) 1/4" Barb x 4
    Part #: FX-205-3006-RLS

    $89.00 $79.36
  • VersaCap Port Cap Insert 80mm (83B) 3/8" Barb x 3
    Part #: FX-205-3005-RLS

    $76.00 $67.42
  • VersaCap 80mm (83B) Closed Top, Two per case, case/2
    Part #: FX-205-1003-RLS

    $69.00 $61.63
  • VersaCap 80mm (83B) Open with Molded 1/2" Barb Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-1008-RLS

    $80.00 $71.59
  • VersaCap 50mm (53B) Open with Molded 1/4" Barb Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-0318-RLS

    $51.00 $50.00
  • VersaCap 80mm (83B) Open Cap with EZ Top System Closed
    Part #: FX-205-7101-RLS

    $193.00 $171.94
  • VersaCap 80mm (83B) Open with Molded 1/4" Barb Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-1007-RLS

    $80.00 $71.59
  • VersaCap Cone 120mm Closed, 1/4" Barb x 4, Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-4006-RLS

    $89.00 $79.36
  • VersaCap 120mm Open Cap with EZ Top System Closed
    Part #: FX-205-7201-RLS

    $211.00 $188.53
  • VersaCap 50mm (53B) Closed Top Caps, case/2
    Part #: FX-205-0313-RLS

    $43.00 $38.60
  • VersaCap 50mm (53B) Open with Molded 5/16" Barb Adapter
    Part #: FX-205-0319-RLS

    $51.00 $50.00