Our plastic lab funnels come in several varieties for laboratory applications:

  • Autoclavable funnels can be steam autoclaved and repeatedly used.
  • Buchner funnels are economical and lightweight, perfect for typical lab use.
  • Vial Funnels have internal screw threads that screw securely onto screw thread vials.
  • Urbanti funnels have internal helicoid ribs to increase the filtration speed.
  • Powder funnels have a wide neck and are suitable for fine solid materials

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  • 1000mL Addition Funnel, 24/40 Joint Size 4mm PTFE Stopcock
    Part #: CG-1718-06

    $396.00 $377.18
  • 1000mL Addition Funnel, 29/42 Joint Size 4mm PTFE Stopcock
    Part #: CG-1718-07

    $404.00 $385.01
  • Porcelain Table Top Buchner Funnel, 1000mL
    Part #: CG-1889-01

    $459.00 $420.41