Gas Cylinder Handling

Safely load, transport and store compressed gas cylinders with USA-made industrial-strength storage racks by Justrite, Ultra Tech and other top American brands. Compressed gas cylinders are dangerous and difficult to move. Improper handling could result in serious injuries. A broken valve can turn a cylinder into a torpedo. Minimize risk through safe storage and handling of these dangerous items. We offer forklift-ready cylinder racks, stationary cabinets, hoist-ready storage racks, wall mount fixtures and outdoor safety storage cages.

  • Gas Bottle & Cylinder Storage Cage, 8 Horizontal or 5-10 Verticals
    Part #: DN-L62-3187

    $3,435.60 $2,920.26
  • Gas Cylinder Storage Locker, 2 hr Fire Rated, 12 Cylinders
    Part #: DN-L65-0400

    $8,236.68 $7,001.18
  • Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet, 12 LP, Aluminum
    Part #: SA-LP12S

    $1,490.42 $1,266.85
  • Vertical Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet, 12 LP, Aluminum
    Part #: SA-LP12S-VERTICAL

    $1,490.42 $1,266.85
  • Horizontal Gas Cylinder Storage Locker, Aluminum, 12 Cylinders
    Part #: JP-23004

    $2,820.89 $2,397.75