Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

Free Shipping over $100Gas Cylinder Storage Racks and Cages help segregate flammable gas cylinders from combustible materials or to provide compliant separation between flammable and oxidizing gases. Choose from Single or Double Compartment Models. Many are UL listed 2-hour rated wall construction for the sides and rear walls. Open mesh access door provides ample natural ventilation and easy access to stored cylinders. Pad-lockable door for added security.

  • Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet Combo, 8 Horizontal & 5-15 Upright
    Part #: LG-GSC-72W-70H

  • Gas Cylinder Cabinet, Horizontal Storage, 16 LPG Cylinders
    Part #: LG-GSH-72W-70H

    $1,811.00 $1,752.01
  • Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet, Horizontal, 8 LPG Cylinders
    Part #: LG-GSH-36W-70H

    $1,156.00 $1,147.08
  • Gas Cylinder Storage Rack, 8 or 12 LP Cylinders, Yellow
    Part #: LG-GSC-3636-70

    $996.00 $985.68