Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer Standard Flasks have white enamel graduations, an extra large marking space, and heavy, durable top tooling. PYREX-PLUS® PVC Coated Erlenmeyer Filtering Flasks with Tubulation (Heavy Wall) features protective PVC coating to prevent glass from shattering. Autoclavable (121®C) and resistant to thermal shock.

  • WHEATON® 25mL Glass Flask, Erlenmeyer, 20-400 Threaded
    Part #: WH-635134

    $34.00 $27.23
  • WHEATON® 1000mL Glass Flask, Erlenmeyer
    Part #: WH-635165

    $77.00 $61.85
  • WHEATON® 50mL, Erlenmeyer Shake Flask, Four Baffles
    Part #: WH-354235

    $59.00 $47.50
  • WHEATON® 50mL, Erlenmeyer Shake Flask, Three Baffles
    Part #: WH-353255

    $77.00 $61.61