Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, 1 Liter, PC, 53B Cap with 1/4" Barb Adapter & Closed Adapter

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, 1 Liter, PC, 53B Cap with 1/4" Barb Adapter & Closed Adapter

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1 liter / 32 ounce
vacuum bottle
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screw thread


Heavy Duty Bottle, Polycarbonate, 1 Liter, Open 50mm (53B) Cap w/ Closed Adapter, (2) 1/4" barbs and a vent. Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles combine maximum ease of use and versatility, with the highest level of strength and durability. Thick walls can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours, making these excellent replacements for glass HPLC containers and ideal for applications involving liquid aspiration, cell harvesting, and degasification. Polycarbonate bottles can hold near half vacuum for 24 hours at 7.4 PSI/382.5 mmHg. These Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles include an Open Cap VersaCap and (2) interchangeable VersaCap Adapters: one Closed Adapter for a leakproof sealed closure, and one Hose Barb Adapter with two 1/4" hose barbs (plus a third port for venting.)

Bottle material and volume are molded into the side of the bottle for easy identification, along with metric graduation marks certified to be accurate within ±5%. Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles and adapters are autoclavable at 15 PSI and 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes.

  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles have thick walls that can hold near full vacuum for 24 hours (PETG holds half vacuum)
  • VersaCap technology provides flexibility of interchangeable top connections


  • Height: 10.5" (267mm)
  • Width: 3.6" (92mm)
  • Length: 3.6" (92mm)
  • Volume: 1L
  • Cap Size: 53mm
  • Bottle Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cap Material: Polypropylene
  • Hose Barb Size: 1/4" (for 1/4" ID tubing)
  • Vent Port Size: 1/4" (for 1/4" ID tubing)
  • Adapter Material: Polypropylene
  • O-Ring Material: Platinum-cured Silicone

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