HPLC Attachments

ECO Funnels™ can be equipped with HPLC fittings, allowing the operator to connect HPLC waste lines directly to the funnel. At your request, we can add one or more HPLC adapters to the side of the body of your funnel. Installation is free of charge. To order HPLC attached to your ECO Funnel(s)™ please add the desired ECO Funnel or System to your cart, and add up to 6 HPLC fittings per 4" funnel and 8 fittings per 8" funnel. If you order more than one ECO Funnel, please call us at 888.322.5722 to make sure we customize the funnels correctly.

HPLC waste line adapters

  • Vent Filter for ECO Funnel, PP
    Part #: HPLC-VF-201

  • Vent Filter for ECO Funnel, PDVF
    Part #: HPLC-VF-PVDF