Powerful Lab Shakers are capable of speeds as high as 300 rpm. The standard platforms (included) feature a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes and staining trays. Optional MAGic Clamp magnetic platform allows use with various MAGic Clamps for flasks and tubes, allowing for quick removal and replacement of vessels.

  • Magnetic Clips for ELMI Shakers, Each
    Part #: EL-SHKR-12

  • Rubber Anti-slip Mat for Shakers, Choose Size
    Part #: EL-SHKR-19

  • DTS-4 Digital Thermo Shaker for 4 Micro Plates
    Part #: EL-TRMS-04

    $2,051.00 $1,752.50
  • DTS-2 Digital Thermo Shaker for 2 Micro Plates
    Part #: EL-TRMS-02

    $1,805.00 $1,542.50
  • Multi Level Platform for DRS Shakers ONLY
    Part #: EL-SHKR-22

  • Standard Microplate adapter for Medium or Large Shaker
    Part #: EL-SHKR-15

  • Test Tube Adapter for DOS Analog Shakers
    Part #: EL-SHKR-13

  • Universal Roller Clips for Shakers, Choose Size
    Part #: EL-SHKR-17