Spoons and Scoops

Lab scoops and spoons come in a variety of materials for optimum compatibility. Sterile, disposable lab spoons prevent any risk of contamination, while stainless steel and porcelain offer high temperature resistance and high resistance to strong chemicals.

  • Spoons and scoops are best for powders and often come in pre-measured dosing sizes
  • Samplers, dippers and ladles are ideal when liquid needs to be pulled from a deep container
  • PTFE Dipper Ladle, 250mL Inert Sampler with 2' Handle
    Part #: DL-307024-0250

    $226.00 $212.84
  • Dipper or Ladle, Inert PTFE, 100mL
    Part #: DL-307024-0100

    $205.00 $193.48
  • Dipper or Ladle, Inert PTFE, 1000mL
    Part #: DL-307024-1000

    $352.00 $328.06
  • Dipper or Ladle, Inert PTFE, 500mL
    Part #: DL-307024-0500

    $271.00 $254.49
  • Laboratory Scoop, PTFE, 20 x 30 x 80mm
    Part #: DL-380145-0001

    $58.00 $56.15