Spoons and Scoops

Lab scoops and spoons come in a variety of materials for optimum compatibility. Sterile, disposable lab spoons prevent any risk of contamination, while stainless steel and porcelain offer high temperature resistance and high resistance to strong chemicals.

  • Spoons and scoops are best for powders and often come in pre-measured dosing sizes
  • Samplers, dippers and ladles are ideal when liquid needs to be pulled from a deep container
  • Sampler Spoon, 1 Teaspoon, case/144
    Part #: BA-367250000

    $244.00 $210.60
  • Sterile Sample Spoon, White Long Handle, 1 tsp, case/10
    Part #: BA-369440010

    $60.00 $52.00
  • Sterile Sampling Spoon, 1 Teaspoon, case/200
    Part #: BA-369440000

    $234.00 $202.10