Locking Desiccator Cabinet with Hygrometer Small

Locking Desiccator Cabinet with Hygrometer Small

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Locking Desiccator Cabinet with Hygrometer Small. Desiccator cabinets with hygrometers for dry, dust-free storage at temperatures up to 120°F for use in incubators, freezers, refrigerators, or at room temperature. Made in the USA, these desiccator cabinets have air-tight doors that need no lubrication. Sliding perforated shelves for easy access; transparent acrylic walls, for see-thru storage. A third bottom shelf accommodates desiccants.

Hygrometer has a temperature range of -58° to 158°F with +/-1.8°F accuracy up to 104°F. Humidity range is 20 to 95% with +/-5% accuracy. LCD display. Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Set of 3 replacement trays, 2 perforated and 1 solid bottom available for both small and large desiccators.

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Width inches 7 9  
Height inches 8-1/2 10-1/2

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