MiniPET, PTFE, Pipettor 10mL

MiniPET, PTFE, Pipettor 10mL

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The Minipet® Pipettor is a convenient, labor-saving repetitive pipettor. To operate, simply put the filling tube in a container, depress the Teflon® plunger to deliver and release to aspirate. Twisting the knob on top controls the self-locking feature which assures exact dispensing reproducibility. The filling tube can be lengthened for extended reach, increasing its versatility. Teflon® Minipet® Pipettors are highly chemical-resistant and can be used with almost any solvent or acid (with the exception of HF). Liquids only contact the borosilicate glass and Teflon®. Includes a Teflon® valve (with glass check) and Teflon® sinker on 45.7cm (18") line, 2.4mm I.D.(3/8"). Aqueous Minipet® Pipettors are steam Sterilizable and can be mated with a Luer-Lock manifold to allow multi-well plate work. Also includes Buna-N-seals, stainless steel spring, a Luer-Lock fitting, chrome plated check valve, Luer-Lock cannula, 45.7cm long (18"), 3.2mm (1/8") I.D. silicon filling tube and Teflon® sinker. Recurring pipettors in two styles. Comes with 3-way check valve for cyclical pipetting. Teflon-coated plunger for smooth operation. Ergonomic PP handle for long periods of use. Dispensing repeatability of +/- 0.5% (+/- 1% for 30mL). Teflon® is a registered Trademark of DuPont.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Tetrafluoroethylene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. Prop 65 Warning

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