MRI Carts

MRI Facility Organizer Carts and Storage. Economical nonferrous organizer carts, shelves bins and dispensers ideal for MRI Facilities. MRI facilities have strict standards for products used within the facilities. Our products offer both MR Safe and MR Conditional. MR Safe- Products are non-conducting, nonmetallic, and nonmagnetic and pose no known hazards in all MR imaging environments. MR Conditional-Products may contain some nonferrous metallic components. These items have been demonstrated to show no known hazards in specific MR environments.
  • MRI Belize Lab Island 8 Foot Lab Cart, Locking, Roll Top Doors
    Part #: TN-50734

    $5,203.00 $4,563.52
  • MRI Core DX Storage Cart by TrippNT
    Part #: TN-51728

    $1,171.00 $1,025.99
  • MRI Core DX Storage Cart, Extended 29-Inch Top
    Part #: TN-51817

    $1,204.00 $1,055.03
  • MRI Core SP Space-Saving Storage Cart
    Part #: TN-51726

    $1,070.00 $937.81