Multi Purpose Recycle Bins

Dual Purpose and multi-purpose recycle bins feature multiple openings in the top, shaped and labeled for the appropriate type of waste. These units are ideal for separating multiple types of recyclables into one unit. Special retainer systems inside the recycle bin allows each waste item to be properly separated either into liner bags.
  • Food Court Recycle Bin, 24 gal Custom Fiberglass, 2 Openings
    Part #: WI-11RR-241631

    $1,112.00 $959.80
  • Food Court Recycle Bin, 36 gal Custom Fiberglass, 3 Openings
    Part #: WI-11RR-361631

    $1,539.00 $1,328.60
  • Food Court Recycle Bin, 48 gal Custom Fiberglass, 4 Openings
    Part #: WI-11RR-481631

    $1,813.00 $1,564.80