OK-II Opti-KlensII Face/ Eyewash Fountain

OK-II Opti-KlensII Face/ Eyewash Fountain

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Desert Assembly Part # 269422. Desert Assembly Opti-Klens II Emergency Face & Eyewash.

Chrome-plated, solid brass face & eyewash unit is designed to fit most standard faucets as a permanent face wash & eyewash fountain with unlimited water supply in an emergency. In operation, unit mounts to the spout with two spray nozzles curving upwards. In an emergency, it frees both hands to hold eyes open to the flow of water. Delivering more than 3 gallons of water per minute, it does so at a reasonable height. No plumbing required. Two of the most common adapters are packed with the unit. Other adapters are available from manufacturer. Meets ANSI Standard #Z358.1-1998 for an eyewash unit. The addition of the Eliminator Valve allows water temperature to be pre-set at the faucet and remain on. You now have a dedicated face wash & eyewash station with only cold water available. For sink use, the water flow is activated by the use of the push through plunger on the Eliminator Valve. Push the plunger to the opposite side for water flow.

OK-II Opti-Klens II Face/ Eyewash Fountain.

Category: Safety And Emergency>Emergency/Rescue>Eye Wash Systems

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