Oral Surgery and Dental Micro Saliva Extractor Ventilation System and Fume Extractor

Oral Surgery and Dental Micro Saliva Extractor Ventilation System and Fume Extractor

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Oral surgery aerosol suction machine, dental fume extractor and fume removal equipment with flexible arm is ideal for cleaning and filling teeth, or to remove smoke, dust, and chemical fumes from an area. The flexible extractor arm can be easily positioned over the source of the fumes. Multistage filtration removes smoke, dust, odors, solvent fumes, and lab fumes in a variety of small to medium-size industrial applications. Provides strong absorption of aerosol particles, blood droplets, bacterial spatter and odors. Primary air filter is washable. And optional carbon filter can be special-ordered.


  • disinfection UVC Lamp
  • Many layers of filtration
  • Filters out 99.97% of particles 0.3um or larger
  • Noise: 36 dB or less
  • Brushless DC motor provides long service life
  • alarm sounds when filter element has reaches saturation.
  • observation port allows for visual confirmation that UV lamp is functional
  • Wave filter prevents electronic signals from interfering with other medical equipment
  • CE Mark
  • ISO Certified manufacturer


  • Self-supporting arm is flexible and easy to orient directly at the source
  • Power Cord with plug
  • Remote control
  • 3 filter layers + UV

Filter information

  1. Black primary filter: washable fiber filter. Wash every 15-30 days. Aluminum frame. Absorbs droplets, aerosols, dust, and blood.
  2. Water vapor-absorbing filter: Replace every 2-3 months. Aluminum frame. Absorbs moisture, droplets, aerosols and oil.
  3. H13 HEPA filter: Replace very 6-8 months. Aluminum frame, H13 glass fiber filter. Blocks particles 0.3um.
  4. UV Disinfection lamp, 10W, 253.7nm for disinfection and sterilization.
rd50-cotton.jpg rd50-water.jpg rd50-hepa.jpg uv-lamp.jpg
Washable filter Water-absorbing filter HEPA filter UV bulb

Extended Information

Applications include Dental work, Adhesive (Glue) Fumes, Anesthesia Procedures, Animal Surgery, Art Restoration, Art Conservation, Brazing, Chemical Fume Removal, Chemical Transfer, Clean Room Applications, Cleaning with Solvents, Cover Slipping, Food Testing, General Laboratory Fumes & Dust, Ink Fumes, Laser Etching, Laser Fumes, Laser Marking, Laser Printing, Light Welding, Mail Handling Operations, Microscopy, Pharmaceutical Compounding, Pipetting, Plastic Heat Bending, Polishing Applications, Powder Weighing, Robotic Welding, Rotary Evaporator, Sanding Operations, Slide Preps, Small Grinding Operations, Soldering, Solvent, Chemical & Miscellaneous Mixing, Spot Board, Dry Cleaners, Staining, Titrating, Toxic Chemical Fumes, Toxic Fumes, Toxic Gases, Toxic Particulate, Toxic Powders, Toxic Vapors, Veterinary Procedures, Wire Stripping


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