Pens and Labels

We offer a variety of labels and marking pens for lab samples. Please choose from the following or scroll down to view all available labels and pens. Autoclavable Write-On™ Colored Label Tape is custom manufactured from proprietary materials that resist moisture and most solvents. It will adhere to Teflon® fluoropolymer resin covered materials and any clean surface. Samples stay labeled even after steam autoclaving at 121° C (250° F) or freezing down to -73° C (-99° F). Use yellow for chemical reactivity, green for safety labels, blue indicates health hazards, red alerts to flammability; orange indicates a biohazard and white can describe a specific hazard. Tape on a 1" core comes only in white, yellow and green.

Nalgene® Cryogenic marker pens resist fading even at very low temperatures, and Lab Pens are chemically resistant when marked on PolyTape labels.

  • WHEATON® 20-410 Starline Polypropylene Caps, case/72
    Part #: WH-239506

    $47.00 $39.66
  • WHEATON® 13-425 Starline Polypropylene Cap, case/72
    Part #: WH-239501

    $41.00 $34.70
  • WHEATON® 22-350 Black Phenolic Caps, No Liner, case/500
    Part #: WH-239853

    $138.00 $116.10
  • WHEATON® 28-410 Starline Polypropylene Caps, case/48
    Part #: WH-239512

    $74.00 $61.80
  • WHEATON® 38-430 Starline Polypropylene Caps, case/72
    Part #: WH-239516

    $68.00 $57.27