PFA, PTFE and Teflon

nalgene logoWe carry several brands of high quality PTFE, PFA and other fluoropolymer bottles, including Nalgene® Teflon®* plastic lab bottles. Extremely chemical- and corrosion-resistant and often autoclavable, these bottles are appropriate for many solvents, acids, and bases that other resins cannot withstand. For more information and pricing for any product.
*Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
  • 1000mL Wide Mouth Bottle, PTFE, Each
    Part #: JI-314884

    $291.00 $266.45
  • 1000mL FEP Bottle, Narrow Mouth, with Tefzel Closure, Each
    Part #: JI-BTF5009-01000N

    $336.00 $307.35
  • 1000mL PFA Bottle, Narrow Mouth, with PFA Closure, Each
    Part #: JI-BTP5009-10000N

    $467.00 $427.11
  • Graduated PFA Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, 1000mL, Each
    Part #: JI-WBT5008-1000

    $376.00 $343.72
  • Griffin Beaker ETFE, Printed Graduations, 1000mL
    Part #: BT-V111004

    $144.00 $131.97
  • Heavy Wall PTFE Bottle, Wide Mouth, 1000mL
    Part #: DL-314884

    $408.00 $373.04
  • PFA Low Form Griffin Beaker, Molded Graduations, 1000mL
    Part #: BT-V111005

    $297.00 $271.65
  • PFA Wash Bottle, Graduated, Wide Mouth, 1000mL, Each
    Part #: JI-WBT5008-1000W

    $476.00 $435.71