Pipet Tips

Our graduated pipet tips are RNase & DNase Free, and made of autoclavable polypropylene. These tips are classified as Universal Fit. However these pipet tips may or may not be 100% compatible with your brand of pipettor. We suggest you request samples to test the fit before purchasing, or you may contact us to learn if your brand of pipettor is compatible.
  • WHEATON® 10uL Valumetric Micro-pipette, Acura, Fixed
    Part #: WH-851206

    $390.00 $368.40
  • WHEATON® 2mL, Macrotip Pipette Tip, case/250
    Part #: WH-851355

    $151.00 $142.77
  • WHEATON® 5-200uL Tip, Natural PP, 96/Rack, case/960
    Part #: WH-851246

    $155.00 $146.39