Pipettor, Pipetus-Standard 0.1-200mL with external pump

Pipettor, Pipetus-Standard 0.1-200mL with external pump

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The Hirschmann Pipetus® Standard Pipettor includes a separate 120V pump that allows the unit to be used with toxic liquids or under clean conditions because the air from the pump will not get into the working area. The pipettors can be used in a laminar flow hood, and the air from the pump is aspirated separately. The handle features a reusable, safety check valve that prevents the pipetted liquid from entering the handle, and an integral 0.2um PTFE-membrane filter.

For sterile applications, or biohazardous material, choose the Pipetus®-Standard pipettor with filter HM-9906000. This unit includes a separate 120V pump and features an additional filter mounted on the pump that can be used to sterilize both directions of pump airflow.

Enhanced usability for extended use

  • Extremely light hand unit
  • Contoured grip conforms to hand
  • Conical silicone adapter for a secure fit on all pipettes

What's included

  • Pipetus®-Standard 120 V Charger
  • US plug
  • inductive charging stand
  • rechargeable cadmium-free nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries
  • safety check valve
  • operation manual

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