Plastic Bottles and Containers

CP Lab Safety offers a wide variety of plastic bottles and containers in both clear and amber. High and low density polyethylene, autoclavable polypropylene, heavy duty Teflon®* and crystal clear polycarbonate come in many sizes and shapes, including boston rounds, packers, passport bottles, vials, carboys, fluorinated, wash bottles, and sterile lab bottles. *Teflon is a registered Trademark of DuPont.

Plastic bottles come in many standard shapes, such as HDPE and LDPE boston rounds, wide mouth carboys, rectangular book bottles, autoclavable polypropylene lab bottles, media bottles, wash bottles, plastic tanks, jugs, jars, cylinders and flasks.

  • Wide Mouth Lab Bottles, HDPE, Amber 64 oz, case/6
    Part #: DL-301645-0064

    $94.00 $92.49
  • Wide Mouth Lab Bottles, PP, 64 oz, bulk packaged, case/28
    Part #: DL-301635-0064

    $269.00 $245.97
  • Rectangular Dispensing Carboy with Spigot, 5 Liter, PP
    Part #: DL-505634-1

  • Heavy Duty Square Carboy, Autoclavable PP, 10 Liter
    Part #: DL-505634-5

  • Wash Bottles, 250mL, Labeled "Water", White Cap, pack/5
    Part #: DL-506905-0001

  • 5 gallon (19L) HDPE, Square Carboy with Tubing & Clamp
    Part #: DL-105665

  • Solid Color Wash Bottles, 500mL, Narrow Mouth LDPE, case/5
    Part #: DL-506755-0500

  • TeleScoop Bottle Holder with Sampling Bottle, 750mL
    Part #: DL-853544-4100

    $150.00 $143.29
  • Carboy with Stopcock, 10L PP, Octagonal
    Part #: DL-505634-2

    $90.00 $88.99
  • Heavy Wall PTFE Bottle, Wide Mouth, 25mL
    Part #: DL-314834

    $76.00 $75.54
  • Griffin Beakers, PP, 250mL, case/40
    Part #: DL-222075-0250

    $116.00 $112.23
  • Pop-Top Plastic Jars with Hinged Lid, 1/4 oz, case/100
    Part #: DL-226254-0025

    $58.00 $54.63
  • Beaker with Spout, PTFE, 100mL
    Part #: DL-312054