Poly Outdoor Storage Sheds

Poly Outdoor Storage Sheds and Covered IBC and Drum Spill Pallets safely contain drums or IBC totes on a compliant sump spill pallet. leak proof sump exceeds regulations and protects against large volume spills. Sturdy pillar supports accept a heavy load and are removable for sump clean-up. The lockable rolltop doors offer dual access with a handy reach pole that conveniently stores on the side wall. Two-way forklift pockets make it easy to relocate an empty shed.

  • Eagle® Drum Work Station, 2-Drum Low Profile with Cover
    Part #: EG-1626

    $1,165.00 $1,056.76
  • Eagle® Drum Work Station, 2-Drum Tall Station with Cover
    Part #: EG-1628

    $1,318.00 $1,196.30
  • Eagle® Outdoor Drum Storage Building, 4-Drum Poly
    Part #: EG-1649

    $4,741.00 $4,224.57