PPE Periodic Table Gift Bag: Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Nitrile Gloves

PPE Periodic Table Gift Bag: Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Nitrile Gloves

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We have awesome ideas, periodically. The elements have never been so fantastically colorful and fun! This Periodic Table of Elements tote bag comes with all the essentials you need to keep yourself and loved ones safe during a pandemic. Perfect for the holidays! 

This PPE Gift Bag includes:

1x Periodic Table Mask ($15.00 value)

2x Colorful Cloth Mask ($12.00 value)

1x 50 pack of 3-ply Face Masks ($7.00 value)

2x Luxury Hand Sanitizer (1 with Alcohol and 1 Alcohol-Free) ($20.99 value)

1x Box of Large Nitrile Gloves ($20 value) (inquire for other sizes)

A total value of $74.99 for $49.99

This gift is meant to be assembled by the end user before gifting. Components will arrive unassembled in a shipping box. Just add tissue paper!


Art copyright © CP Lab Safety

*Must ship within the continental United States

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