Security and Storage

Preventing unauthorized access is essential when working with prescriptions, so we have several locking pharmacy containers to secure your medications. The right combination is required to open these storage containers, so you can safely keep opioids, cannabis and other high-risk medications in your home, car or hotel room.

Locking Pill-Pod® holds a small number of Rx bottles and vials. It qualifies as a safe storage product.

Pill Pod is ideal for individuals, pharmacies, government agencies and non-profit organizations working to improve safety around prescription medications.

A Note to Pharmacies: Similar to an earlier law passed in Massachusetts, recent California AB 2859 bill requires pharmacies that dispense Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances to display safe storage products (unless exempt.) "Safe storage products" means a device or product made with the purpose of storing prescription medications that includes a locking mechanism that is accessible only by the designated patient with a passcode, alphanumeric code, key, or by another secure mechanism. A safe storage product includes, but is not limited to, medicine lock boxes, locking medicine cabinets, locking medication bags, and prescription locking vials.

  • Pill Pod Medication Drug Lock Box, full, case/12
    Part #: FTP-PLPD-M1-CS

    $269.00 $232.60